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  • Masson Water Towers
  • Oops! Express
  • 11th Green
  • Traversier à Masson, novembre 2006
  • Traversiers Bourbonnais
  • Wildflowers on the road to Montreal
  • NOTRE NID D'AMOUR (famille Lacroix)
  • Shelter on the road to Montreal
  • Beckett Creek Waterfall
  • Sugar shack at Proulx Farm, Orleans, ON -  MMmmm Maple syrup!
  • Sports shop !
  • Road sign
  • Rivière de la Lièvre
  • Two Winter Trees
  • Power Monster
  • Dutch Canadian
  • Erablière - Maple forest
  • Camelot Golf and Country Club
  • The Flora
  • Traversier Masson-Cumberland, avril 2006
  • Traversiers Bourbonnais
  • Traversier Masson-Angers - Cumberland, mars 2014
  • Traversiers Bourbonnais
  • Quigley Hill Boat Launch
  • Traversiers Bourbonnais
  • Ferry (Traversiers Bourbonnais) - links the city of Gatineau (Masson-Angers) and Ottawa (Cumberland/Ontario)
  • Cabane à sucre - Maple Shack