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  • Morning Light.
  • Sunburst over Tuncurry.
  • Sunrise over the Pacific.
  • Reflections.
  • Sunburst Morning.
  • Abandoned.
  • Sunset over the Breckenridge Channel.
  • Forster/Tuncurry Bridge.
  • 3rd Hole Tuncurry Golf Course
  • Fishermen hauling in their catch of mullet at Tuncurry. The mullet all 'run' from the lake to the sea when the wind blows from the South (oh no, or was it the West!?) Anyway, they don't stay in the lake!
  • There's a Storm Coming.
  • The oyster leases at Tuncurry, Lakes Way, NSW.
  • 17th Hole Tuncurry Golf Course.
  • Wallis Lake, Forster
  • The Tanks
  • Entrance to Wallis Lake
  • By the Silvery Moon
  • Sunday afternoon Sunset.
  • Stormy Morning - Burgess Beach.
  • Forster
  • Rain Squall. One Mile Beach.
  • Stormy Rocks. Burgess Beach.
  • Sunset @ Pebble Beach -Forster
  • Dramatic.
  • Dusk over the Pacific.
  • At the Marina.
  • Burgess Beach
  • Bridge & Reflections
  • Sunset @ Pebbly Beach Forster
  • Pacific Sunburst
  • At Burgess Beach.
  • The Morning Catch.
  • Forster breakwall.
  • Forster Tuncurry Bridge at Dusk
  • Forster Beach
  • Cape Hawke from 1 Mile Beach
  • War Memorial - Forster
  • Boat Shed at Forster.
  • The Approaching Night. Forster
  • At the Tuncurry Fishermans Wharf
  • Forster
  • Forster - Tuncurry Bridge
  • Tuncurry from Forster Bridge
  • Tuncurry beach
  • Pebbly Beach - Forster, NSW
  • The lake & Foster Bridge
  • Forster Rock Pool
  • Lookout near Bennett's Head
  • The Forster to Tuncurry Bridge
  • Beachside units.