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  • Stony Point  ,  Launching Ramps
  • Farewell to Cerberus Steam Day (8 June 1997). Locomotive K163 was salvaged from Jubilee Park in Frankston and restored by the Mornington Railway Presevation Society. This was the last time the train was seen at HMAS Cerberus platform before it moved to Moorooduc
  • Rail - Bittern
  • Approach to Tankerton jetty, French Island
  • View of Tortoise Head, French Island
  • Crib Point Cemetery (2009)
  • Crib Point Jetty - Port of Hastings (2010). This was built in 1966 for $7m and included a two-berth marine terminal with capacity for tankers up to 100,000 tons
  • Sandy Point, looking east (2010). Continuing shoreline progradation at Sandy Point allows the several stages in sand dune succession to be observed
  • Former Crib Point Shop (2010). Robert McAuley built this shop and started a general store business in 1916
  • Jack Brothers Tan Pit (2010). Used by Blinker and Biddy Jack to tan their cotton fishing nets and lines. In the background is the Oberin submarine
  • Sandstone Is, off Hastings (2010). Just visible is the HMAS Otama, an Oberon-class submarine built for the navy and taken out of service in December 2000. It now rests in Westernport Bay
  • Crib Point Cellars and Newsagency (2010)
  • Gunroom, HMAS Cerberus (2011). Built in 1933 this has also been used as the Warrant Officer's Mess (1933-57) and the Midshipman's Mess
  • Departing Stony Point for French Island
  • Slipway, HMAS Cerberus (2011). Built in the early 1930s, this was used until 2004. The winch house was built in 1926
  • School of Survivability and Ships Safety, HMAS Cerberus (2011). Formerly known as the Damage Control Centre, this School opened in 1986
  • Bittern Motors (2012)
  • Tankerton Jetty
  • Boot Hill Cemetery, HMAS Cerberus (2013). Naval personnel and their spouses are eligible to be interred here.
  • Crystal Ocean FPSO
  • Westernport trail, Somers
  • Westernport trail, Crib Point
  • Westernport trail, Crib Point
  • Stony Point station
  • Stony Point jetty
  • Tug boat 'Cooma' @ Stony Point Pier (2009)
  • HMAS Cerberus (2011) - the Navy's premier training establishment. About 6000 personnel are trained annually, averaging 800 trainees on board at any one time.
  • Port of Hastings Harbour Control and Pollution Equipment Store (2009)
  • St Mark's Protestant Chapel, HMAS Cerberus (2011). The foundation stone was laid by the Governor-General, Sir William McKell, in 1950, and the Chapel was officially opened in 1954
  • Navy Steam Club 'train' - HMAS Cerberus Open Day 2011
  • Sandy Point, looking west, towards Somers (2010). Sandy Point is one of the largest spit systems on the Victorian coast and one of the State's most dynamic shorelines
  • Wardroom, HMAS Cerberus (2011). An important amenity for Naval Officers, this was built in 1915 with the east and west wings added in 1927. The two multi-storey wings were added in 1974
  • Our Lady of the Sea Chapel, HMAS Cerberus (2011). The foundation stone was laid by Archbishop Mannix in 1946, and the first Mass was said in 1948
  • Boatswain Faculty, HMAS Cerberus (2011) - comprises the former Gunnery and Seamanship Schools
  • Parade Ground, HMAS Cerberus (2011). This is one of the largest military parade grounds in Australia
  • Recruit School, HMAS Cerberus (2011). Up to 1600 personnel are trained here each year
  • Woolley's Beach Cool Room (2010). Built in 1903 by Bill Woolley to store his weekend fishing catch before it was transported to Melbourne on Monday mornings
  • Engineering School, HMAS Cerberus (2011) - built in 1916
  • 'D' Block, HMAS Cerberus (2011). Built in 1914, this was used as accommodation for the Chief Petty and Petty Officers until 1973. It is now the Junior Sailors Recreational Centre
  • Rogers Division, HMAS Cerberus (2011). The former Gunnery School Administration Building is now used by trainees awaiting courses, discharges and transfers
  • Band and Cinema Complex, HMAS Cerberus (2011). The Band provides ceremonial, musical and public relations support for the Royal Australian Navy
  • 'C' Block, HMAS Cerberus (2011). Built c.1919 these were used as Seamen's Barracks - dormitories strung with hammocks - until new accommodation was built between 1959-70
  • Morradoo railway station, Crib Point
  • 'B' Block, HMAS Cerberus (2011). Built c.1919 as Seamen's Barracks, this is now used by the Catering School, and the Engineering Faculty
  • Bittern Fire Brigade (2012) - established in 1944
  • Stony Point railway station
  • Rainbow at Tankerton
  • Westernport trail, Somers
  • Barge, Stony Point
  • ex-RAN Oberon Class Submarine