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  • Sunset at. artificial Reefs - Botany Bay
  • Wild, Windy Weekend 2 (Link below is worth watching)
  • Inscribing the horizon to separate the waters of the deep from the waters above
  • Cape Banks Aquatic Reserve extends along the whole foreshore from the bridge at Cape Banks to the Endeavour Light at Henry Head and 100 metres seaward from mean low water. Established as a marine research site in the 1940s, Cape Banks has been Australia's most prominent and world-recognised site for this work since the 1960s. All five major habitats are found here, including platforms, crevices, rock pools, boulders and cobbles, resulting in a diversity of intertidal communities
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  • Broom str.
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  • Botany Bay National Park
  • Wild, Windy Weekend 3
  • sydney, port botany
  • Malabar Tidal Pool
  • Touch down
  • La Perouse Bare Island
  • Tug Boat Wilga on Botany Bay
  • Beach off Foreshore Road Sydney
  • Groynes on Botany Bay
  • Port Botany
  • Port Botany
  • Shadows
  • Bare Island, La Perouse
  • weathering features and patterns in Hawkesbury Sandstone, Bare Island
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  • Sydney - Congwong beach
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  • Broom str.
  • Kurnell Shops
  • Kurnell
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  • Little Bay
  • Columnar Vortex off the coast of NSW
  • IMG_3049
  • Kurnell
  • Botany Bay (view on La Perouse)
  • Platform off Cape Solander
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  • Bare Island
  • Foreshore Track
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  • Kurnell Oil Refinery
  • View from Kurnell NSW. City sky line on far right
  • Sydney Airport & Kogarah
  • Bare Island Fort: Built to keep the Russians out!
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